Cycling Theater coming to Kaliningrad in Summer 2012

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«Новые перспективы»

Neue Blickwinkel
New Perspectives

In July 2012 we will make our way from Germany to Kaliningrad by train, boat and bicycle [route map], to create a cultural-historical-artistic project with many different children, youth and adult artists.

Some ideas

* First-hand history / her story / our story

We will meet kids from a variety of cultural backgrounds who are growing up in Kaliningrad, Russia. They will explore the history of the region and their own heritage through stories about how their families came to the region from different parts of the former Soviet Union.

We will meet and talk to the many different people and ethnic groups living in the area, visit archeological sites (with games and riddles to solve), as well as look at photos from the grandparents, comparing different backgrounds, ect.

* Workshops for theater, music and other forms of expression

We will share our skills in juggling, acrobatics, stilt performance, fire shows, musical instruments, clowning and theatrical presence. During the 2-week workshops, the particpants will create a performance together and present it at Samok Insterburg, a cultural initiative situated in a castle in Chernyakhovsk (Черняховск).

We will also help the kids to build their own creative bicycles and integrate them into the performance. We will cycle to the surounding villages and perform in their cultural centers, orphanages and schools.


Open to all artists, musicians, pedagogues and other people who enjoy volunteering in a group of international travelers.

We hope to receive enough donations and funding to pay for everyone’s food, visas and transportation. However, in order to make it possible for the kids from Russia to participate, we must cover their costs first. Housing in the Insteburg Castle is free.

„Cultural“ travel visas can be obtained through the German-Russian-Exchange. We can collect all passports in April and apply for the invitation and visas for all participants. Each visa costs only 35 Euros and is valid for 3 months and 2 entries/exits. Each participant must have health insurance that is approved by Russia (see this list of organisations).

Time Plan

This plan is tentative and will be confirmed in the coming months when we receive answers from our partners in Kaliningrad.

On July 15, 2012, we plan to take our bicycles on the train from Berlin to Kiel and then on the ferry to Klaipeda, Lithuania. There we‘ll join up with another group of our cycling performers who will have been traveling since April. Then we‘ll cycle together to Chernyakhovsk (Черняховск), meet the kids, give workshops for 2 weeks and give several performances all together.

The group will cycle around the region of Kaliningrad until the middle of August, making street performances and possibly visiting orphanages and schools. The Cycling Theater group will then continue south for the rest of 2012 and probably 2013…

Come on out and join us!

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