It’s been an exiting project – 2 Months on the road with an motivated group of street artists, clowns, acrobats and muscians. [Check out our Fotostream here]

We had a good time with the people of Insterburg Castle and of course with the local kids and youth … practicing and playing together until the kids performed in the castle and town with us just as the musical background. They put together an interesting show involving a trash orchestra & band, an acrobatic performance, some funky beatboxing acts, funny sketches and all kind of circus skills.

Some youngsters even joined us for 5 more days on our tour further through russia and lived and performed with us. It was a great exchange of skills, thoughts and mentalities.

Over 20 people however are still on their bikes making their way towards turkey on a similar mission… they are open for musicians, pedagouges and streetartists to join up… you can contact them here: